Call for Poetry & Art Submissions: Unfaithful

Call for Submissions!

“The original is unfaithful to the translation.” - Jorge Luis Borges

The Polyglot is seeking poetry translations for our Spring 2018 issue, Unfaithful. Inspired by Borges’ quotation, we are looking for multimodal translations of your favourite poems - both faithful and unfaithful, both textual and audio/visual. Please submit a translation of 1-3 works by one poet/author only. The poet you translate may be contemporary or historical, but make sure to check our requirements below around copyright.
DEADLINE: March 1, 2019 - email your submission to

Examples of what you can submit:

  • Linguistic translation to/from any language (ie. Brodsky’s Russian poems translated into English; Sor Juana’s Spanish poems into Mandarin)

  • Visual translation (ie. a Cree poem translated into a painting; a Gujarati poem translated into photograph(s)

  • Audio translation (ie. a Swahili poem translated into a soundscape; a Portuguese poem translated into a fado)

  • We are open to any other type of translation, but it must arise from poetry!

Additional Requirements:

  • Format: Word, jpeg, mp3, or mp4 format (no pdfs please).

  • Translator Statement (250-300 words) Describe your translation process, what was gained/lost in your process or chosen artistic media, and a connection to our theme of faithful/unfaithful.

  • Poem/Author Information:

    • Title of the Original and Translated Work

    • Original Poet/Author

    • Original Language

    • Country of Publication

    • Bios of both Author and Translator (200 words max)

    • Your contact details.

  • Copyright: Unless the work you are translating has already entered public domain, we ask that you obtain a statement from the holder of the copyright for the work under translation verifying that the rights are available before you submit to The Polyglot. We will ask you to furnish this statement if your work is selected. (Works enter the public domain generally 50 to 75 years after the author’s death, depending on the country where the work was published. The onus is on you to verify if the work in question has indeed entered the public domain, if it comes to that. We will not answer any queries with regard to the copyright status of a work.)

We especially welcome translations of poets who may have yet to appear widely in Canada, and encourage translations to/from underrepresented languages.

Please email us at if you have questions about this issue.

Please note: The Polyglot can not currently provide honorariums to poets/artists, but we will provide our contributors with a gorgeous digital copy of the magazine . Some hard copies will be on sale at our events.