Call for Poetry & Art Submissions: Spring 2018 Issue

Call for Submissions: CanLit: Curating our Canons

The Polyglot is seeking submissions of multilingual poetry and art for our Spring 2018 issue, CanLit: Curating our Canons (Spring 2018), guest-edited by Luciana Erregue-Sacchi.

This issue seeks to expand the Canadian poetic canon in an ekphrastic way. We would like poets to respond to an image from their culture(s) through poems in different languages (official, indigenous, heritage). By engaging with images and languages, poets will inevitably expose larger issues of inclusions/exclusions of the CanLit canon.

Deadline: March 26, 2018 at 12:00am Mountain Time.
How to submit: Email your submission to Adriana Onita at and Luciana Erregue at


For this ekphrastic issue, we require both a poem and an image from each contributor (as well as a poet/artist statement and bio).

The image you respond to poetically can be anything: a photograph, food label, map, painting, street sign, advertisement, meme, gif! Anything goes, from art to popular culture. Please provide a high-resolution JPEG or PNG file of your image.

Your poem should respond directly or indirectly to this image, and it should incorporate at least one language other than English. The poem can be entirely in another language, combining multiple languages, or mostly English with other languages incorporated. You have creative freedom to experiment linguistically!

We require all poets/artists wishing to publish with The Polyglot to provide, in addition to your creative submission, a poet/artist statement in English or French making meaningful connections between the current theme of expanding the CanLit canon, and your work (200-400 words). Finally, please send along a bio of 100-200 words.

Please note: The Polyglot can not (yet) provide honorariums to poets/artists, but we will provide our contributors with a gorgeous digital copy of the magazine, and throw an event in your honour at the Edmonton Poetry Festival. Some hard copies will be on sale at our events.



Photo: Adriana Onita, "Zebra, Montevideo"