The Polyglot is a Canadian biannual online magazine devoted to publishing multilingual poetry and art. Click below to download a FREE digital copy of our first, second, and third issues. Check out our current Call for Submissions if you are interested in publishing with The Polyglot.

Issue 1: Crosswalks
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Issue 4: Lunch Box
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We are on a Multilingual Mission...

Although Canada may be considered one of the most multicultural countries in the world, there are very few journals committed to publishing multilingual writing, providing little incentive for Canadians to write and experiment with different languages.

The Polyglot seeks above all, to encourage Canadian poets and artists to produce and publish works in languages other than English and French. We live in a place and a time where the possibility for interaction between cultures and languages is at an all-time high. We aim to create a space where the borders of art and language can be redrawn, where identities can be reinvented, and where poets and artists feel free to question and constantly experiment.



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